The first day of a new quarter in ALC

Today is the first day of the winter quarter. I was nervous yesterday because I had a lot of homework in the last quarter. If I think about homework, I get nervous… However, today’s classes are easy for me. In the classes, we took tests for 3 hours and we introduced each other for another 3 hours.

I moved to Gardena so it takes 20 minutes from my home to the school. If the road to the school is crowded, it takes 1 hour. I woke up six-thirty this morning. I had breakfast and went to school. The road was crowded as expected so it took 1 hour.

Fewer Japanese students in this quarter than the last quarter. I met a student who graduated from SFC at the same time as me! He was in the same graduation ceremony! It’s so interesting… His speaking is like 2 months before me.

I hope I can go to school on time in the morning. If I absent or don’t do homework once, I’ll be rude.


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