Recipe of simple Peperonteno


Recipe of simple Peperonteno

  • Stuff
    • Spaghetti: 100g
    • Olive oil : 1.5 tbsp (20cc)
    • Chili pepper : 1 cluster
    • Garlic 1/2 cluster
    • Salt : 10g (for pasta)
    • Salt : 3g (for sauce)
    • Pepper : 1g
    • Italian parsley : 1 rib

– Sequence
1.Put salt into boiled water.
2.Put all pasta into boiled water.
3.Prepare another pan for sauce. Put olive oil, sliced garlic(1mm) and sliced hot chilli into the pan. Then, cook them on very low heat for 3 mins.
4.Take all garlic from pan. (If you like hotter sauce, cook 1 or 2 mins as you like. If you cook chilli peper on heat, the chilli gets hotter and hotter.)
5.Put salt and pepper into the sauce.
6.If the pasta is boiled, rince the pasta and put into the pan. And mix them for 30 sec.
7.Put the pasta on a dish. and put 1mm cut parsley on the pasta.

This is a recipe of basic pasta, peperonteno. If you tired of this taste, you can arrange the taste adding chiken, fish and so on.