I had a rest.


I was later for school. I went from classes on before noon. In this morning, I was too tired to get up. Then I went to classes from afternoon. I was afraid of following up lessons on before noon, but Today’s classes are only correct answers and read textbooks.

Today, I went to go to cafe to exchange our own language with Kenny. I could learn many information during usual conversation. For foreigners, it takes much time to understand nuance of words. For example, “Could you…”, “Can you…”, “I’ll ….” and “May I …”. But I could know those nuance! It was so valuable time for me.

I decided to buy a printer. However we can use computers in UCLA building, we can’t use without authorization each time! That takes a lot of time to print out just 4 papers in each week. I deserted a printer in Japan, because we have 2 printers in a home. But thinking from the cost, buying is cheaper than ship to the U.S.


P.S: A digital camera charger arrived yesterday. Shirotan also arrived.


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