So satisfied day!

Today has a first class of the program. I’m afraid of difficulty of classes. But It was wasting time! Classes are so interesting and effective for my English. To catch up fast conversation is a little difficult but I could enjoy studying English.

And, I went to Little Tokyo in downtown LA. I’ve never been to downtown, I wanted to go. Little Tokyo is a little strange place. Those building’s look is like a Edo age. Many US peaple misunderstand about Japan because of building like those buildings.

Ahhh, downtown is so far from UCLA. It took over 1 hour by bus! I’ve never rode bus such long time, so I got nervous.

Today, class division is announced. My grade is “intermediate high” secound from the top.

In the class, I realized Japanese are good at reading and writing. Because the assignment of reading is so easy for me.

In today, I think I can fix jet lag. I hope…